Recent Publications

Google Scholar Profile also offers an overview.

  • Nathalie Stembert, Peter Conradie, Ingrid Mulder, Sunil Choenni (2013) Participatory Data Gathering for Public Sector Reuse: Lessons Learned from Traditional Initiatives. In IFIP EGOV (2013): IFIP Electronic Government. view publication | direct download
  • Ronald Meijer, Sunil Choenni, Roexsana Sheikh Alibaks, Peter Conradie (2013) Bridging the Contradictions of Open Data. Conference Programme for the 13th European Conference on eGovernment – ECEG 2013. direct download
  • Peter Conradie & Sunil Choenni (2012) Exploring Process Barriers to Release Public Sector Information in Local Government. In 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, Albany. NY. Albany, New York, pp. 5–13. view publication | direct download
  • Peter Conradie, Ingrid Mulder, Sunil Choenni (2012) Rotterdam Open Data: Exploring the release of public sector information through co-creation, 2012. In ICE 2012: International Conference On Engineering, Technology And Innovation. view publication | direct download


I am a PhD student at Ghent University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, where I am researching user experience design for wearables. Previously, I studied Interface Design at the FH Potsdam. I have also worked at the Deutsche Telekom Research Labs in Berlin, and Rotterdam University of Applied Science. Want to know more?